Project 3000

Running Porsches for £83 per month

December update

So another little addition to the motors. …I want to give track days and sprints & hillclimbs ago and didn’t want to use the 911. Wanted something very light and nibble that’s fast right out of the box so to speak.

Got this peach of a honda integra type r 1998 model phase 1. The phase 1 type r has the engine that revs to 9000 rpm….. its all hand finished engine as was the first run of type r’s. They, so have been told over engineered it to get everything spot on, as it was the first main stream type r engine after the honda nsx type r program started.

It came with a huge wedge of history. Original booklets. A colour brochure. Even the honda umbrella in the boot. The guy had owned for 12 years !! Was a true petrolhead and changed the oil ever 5000 miles and loads of routine maintenance carried out.

Standard with red recaros bucket seats. Around 200 bhp. Weight only 1100 kilos. 0-60 around 6 secs. Top speed not sure but guessing 160. Mid range is where it’s at with the screaming vtec kicking in that extra power at 6000pm! !!!

So here are the pics…

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Porsche 911

30th November:

Well its been a good month…few more miles on the motor…. winter really setting in now but as you can see she’s still looking great. Spent a good half a day, cleaning inside and out. Snow foamed and waxed body before the cold really sets in :)

Black really does look superb when cleaned, polished and waxed on a regular basis.

Meet up with a friend who’s owns a identical car to mine but the 996 turbo version, same colour leather and same colour paint. Metallic basalt black. His turbo is on a very high (for a turbo) 130k miles. Still running great. His was a 1 owner car since new so very similar story to mine.
Full porsche main dealer history.

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So its been a few months since last update

The car is still running fine just only been using it once or twice a week. Mainly on weekends.
Still been regular washing and polishing it. So still looks great.

The coolant dropped a touch the other day so topped it up and gave it a run and checked out at my mechanics and all seems fine.

The coolant does look bit murky so I was debating getting it flushed out and fresh new coolant put in there.
It’s not a mega expensive job and think only be a benefit in doing this.

On another note my heated seat on drivers side one of the elements has gone so shopped online and got one off jasmine porsche specialist in Bolton. They have a ebay store and I got this new but old stock one for 30 quid !! Bargain. Bolton OPC wanted 100 quid. So with winter setting in need to get it fixed soonish.
It comes with pre adhesive on there and looks like a plug in out type job.
Maybe a pain to fit. Might need a upholstery guy to do it.

The alloys are a little kerbed on the edges so I might get this sorted out soon. Or wait till winter is out of the way.

Oh and I’ve got to tackle the passenger headlight again as it’s a bit faded. Seen a guy on you tube doing one and looks fairly straight forward. So will be talking this out soon.

Anyhow that’s may update for now.
Nearly on 179.000 miles :)

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As Month 14 draws to a close, here are the costs to date:

  • Cost of car £7500
  • New center caps and chrome wheel nut caps £20
  • Front tyre repair, £10
  • Caliper decals, £3.50 clear lacquer had in garage but no more than £3 a tin
  • Geo/wheel alignment set up, Infinity £68
  • Mud guard/lower sill spoiler £40 from Porsche Wilmslow, fitted myself.
  • 2 new rear tyres, Kumho, from Amazon. £118 per tyre, £18 fitting charge. £254
  • ABS light problem, fixed at R & D in Eccles for £100
  • Anti roll bar links, both sides changed, parts cost £60 and £30 fitment by my local Audi/VW specialist
  • Side light bulb, Porsche Bolton, £1.50. Fitted myself.
  • 2 new front tyres, Kumho Le Sports, from  £81 per tyre delivered, £20 fitting charge at ATS, £182
  • Water hose fix and exhaust blowing £100, local German specialist
  • Front pads (Pagid) euro parts £40 wear indicators £20, Shell Helix Ultra oil change 2x 5litres @ £25.00 per 5 litres, Bosch oil filter £15, coil pack and coil connector (coil pack and connector all melted) supplied and fitted the pads and oil & filter change all for £200. So with parts around £310

In 14 months:
Total spent £1176.00
Mileage: 178.000
Depreciation: £0.

P3000 target: £83pm
911 current costs: £84pm
Difference: £1.00pm

Car cleaning

Well today finished work a bit early at 3pm. so straight home got changes asap and gave the 911 a quick clean, the body wasn’t dirty per say just dusty as only cleaned it on Sunday just gone. i got the karcher pressure washer on the job. easily deal with it and dried off using the extra large Kent drying towel. again makes the job very easy as can easily dry a whole car with one towel.

Once dry I used some demon shine spray wax, I’ve used the meguiars ultimate quick wax as well in the past. to compare them ill mention cost as well the. the meguiars is around £15 but is only 450 ml compared with 1000 ml for the demon shine, but the demon shine I got for £6 delivered off eBay. meguiars does seem to last longer and have genuine wax protectants in it and around 4 weeks worth of shine compared with only around 2 for demon shine.i think the demon shine has what car detailers would call shine enhancers, both seem equally good at giving the body that extra ‘pop’ so its swings and round abouts I suppose.

After did this I cleaned the windows inside and out using some good old windowlean and used the wife’s cleaning cloth she swears by called a minky glass cloth. and it does the job amazingly well. No streaks or smears left.

then finally the rubber needed dressing so out with the auto Glym professional tyre and rubber dressing. If you buy the mega large 5 litre metal drum it come with a handy auto Glym logo hand spray. The rubber in between the windscreen and bonnet is a pain to get to and if u just sprayed on it would go all over the body I’ve just cleaned and spray waxed. so out with a cheap pound shop cloth. spray on to the cloth and use a rubber glove while using this stuff as it stinks and once on your hands it’s a bugger to get off !
be careful and take your time don’t rush and don’t slap it on, it will only end up on the bodywork.

well that’s it for today..All that took bout 40 mins…then off to pick my daughter up and a sneaky ice cream at Mc Donalds before mummy finds out…lol :)

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Car wet vac technique method

for cleaning the car carpets I tried this method I found a guy on YouTube using and it’s worked really well. It’s never been wet vac since I’ve had it so as we have a vax wet vac to hand at home thought I would give it a whirl.

so I bought some xanto stain zapp from the poundshop and along with some boiling water I mixed some clothing conditioner in with it for a better smell with a touch of surf powder we had knocking about. I mixed in some cool water so it’s just about Ok to touch.
so I removed the mats and dry vac first. Then spray the xanto stain zapp moouse all over the area I am working on. Let it soak in for a few mins then with a scrubbing brush use a little of the hot cleaning solution on the carpet and scrub like mad..makes it really foamy and seems to work really well at getting the dirt up. i think the xanto is great at removing stains plus the heat in the soultion helps deep clean the carpets. I used the hand tool to suck up the dirty foamy water in the carpet. After it dried out its come up great and smells miles better. Defo recommend wet vaccing your car if not done before.

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alloy wheel touch up technique

I’ve used this a few times before and it does make them look a lot better

so use sand paper on the outer kerb rim scuffs to level off the paint levels so it longer has the nasty chip marks or deep ish scuff marks. Once level or leveler it should be smooth to touch and not nasty chips to it. Once this is done wipe off excess dust from sanding. then get some alloy wheel paint I use Auto Glym seems a good paint match for most alloy wheels. spray some into the cap and let it set slightly for a few mins. so it not as runny. then with a fine brush paint on the silver paint. try to be neat and slap it on. You can go over it a few times to build up the layers of paint which then smoothes over the old scratch marks you made with the sanding. plus the paint helps fill in the nasty chip marks holes so to speak. I don’t spray the wheel with the spray can as you can’t easily control it. plus it’s a ball ache to do them..masking them up and prepping fully. primer.sanding. paint. lacquer etc…

This is just a quick fix until you get them refurbished professionally.

mine ideally need doing but I use the car alot and let the wife use it now a d again….so it does get a few kerb scuffs now and again. so I use this quick fix technique as a stop gap.

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